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hello How are u?! Long time since i wrote anything here in english so i guess its time because i know there is one or two people out there that reads my blog, but they cannot understand so they use google translate ;)
So whats going on? Today its friday and tomorrow is work, as usual... I work every day this weeks exepct that i had a day off this wendsday and its my work weekend this weekend so i have to work. Tomorrow i work 14-21.45 so at least i can sleep longer than 5.30! Sweet. I was out running today again with Sara and her friend Monica, very nice and it allways feels as good when u come back from training and u feel healty and sweaty! I never liked run before but now i really like it! Nothing else in your mind that the forest, u and your will to run all the way around. I rest tomorrow because of work and sunday we try the 10 km long running round. I did it once so i can do i twice! Im acually looking forward but i know it will be hard! After 6 km u have to try to keep it together and dont give up! its all about mind, the body can take so much more than u think.
Im sitting in the sofa, just eat a hole bag of chips 200 g and feel fat because of my fully stomach! I shouldnt have eaten all of it, thats why i never buy things like this home because if i have started to eat little chips i need to eat it all! haha Stupid i am jaja Whatever, i needed it!
Have a nice evening and hear u soon.
In 9 days i go to Alicante FINALLY with babe!!! yeye


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